Abby Parks

Abby Parks

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, former folk music DJ, private music instructor, and blogger. I decided that my ultimate potential life's masterpiece would be to find a way to meld all these things together to create a place where I can share my knowledge and resources with other musicians, music students, and music lovers.

Joni Mitchell: Still Standing After All These Years

Joni Mitchell: Still Standing After All These Years

It’s not often that a musician takes a time-tested popular song written and performed by a music-writing powerhouse (in this case Elton John and Bernie Taupin), and makes it their own. Add to that the fact that Joni...

Man playing violin, learning an instrument

How to Stay Motivated Learning an Instrument

You've bitten the bullet. You've decided to learn that musical instrument you always wanted to play, whether it be the piano, guitar, violin, flute, or ukelele. The beginning of the process is usually positive, as you're brimming with...

Florida Folk Festival 2006, one of many Folk Music Festivals in Florida

The Best 8 Folk Music Festivals in Florida in 2024

The Folk Music Festivals in Florida offer traditional music enthusiasts a smorgasbord of spectacular music, dance, workshops, and artisan crafts. Unbeknownst to many, Florida is a hub for folk music. Many of its engaging festivals are held in...

Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee

How Does the Nashville Numbering System Work?

If you are planning to go into a studio with one or more songs to record, or if you desire to be a session player, you'll need to familiarize yourself with how the Nashville Numbering System works. Based...

What 7 U.S. States Have the Countriest Music Scenes?

What 7 U.S. States Have the Countriest Music Scenes?

Jimmie Rodgers, considered the father of country music, could have carried the title of the “countriest” country singer ever. After all, he made yodeling famous with his series of 13 “blue yodel” songs written between 1927 and 1933....

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