About Me

Music is my therapy and my straitjacket. Music keeps me sane and keeps my mind on something. It’s fragile up there.” ― Will.i.am

Can you relate? Does music bring you sanity? I was pondering this idea of the “soundness” that music brings to those who allow it into their lives. It can enhance emotion or tame it. It can accompany one in life’s journey between highs and lows, joy and sorrow.


My parents told me I had a favorite song as a baby. Whenever my parents drove me around in their olive-green Plymouth Satellite with the radio blaring, a particular song caught my ear and inspired me to rock back and forth in my car seat in gyrations of ecstasy. That song was “Maggie” by Rod Stewart. It must have been the upbeat rhythm, or perhaps Stewart’s scratch vocals, or even the trill of the mandolin (who knew that one day I would learn to play one myself?). Whatever the case may be, that fanatical fascination with music has followed me my entire life and shaped the course of it.

Here I am today, a 25+ year private music instructor, a performing songwriter, and a participant in numerous choirs, music ensembles, and bands in all kinds of genres: classical, gospel, bluegrass, pop, Celtic. I love it all. Music is medicine to my soul. It’s the drug that keeps on giving. It speaks to my soul.

Are you one of “the musically sound?” Do you find that music is one thing in life that never disappoints? Then join me as I share my musical joy with anyone who loves music, whether it be a listener, an aficionado, an instrumentalist, a musician, someone wanting to learn an instrument, or someone who just can’t keep silent in the shower!

Welcome to the community of the musically sound!